For many women, pregnancy feels powerful. After all, you’re making another human. That’s an amazing feat of strength on your body’s part. Pregnancy is wonderful, joyful, and miraculous. But it’s also hard work. Yes, pregnancy is hard work.”

Just because you’ll likely go through a range of emotions in your pregnancy, doesn’t mean you need to stop trying to feel happy. Whether you’re already feeling happy or looking for ways to boost your mood during pregnancy, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for you.

Try aromatherapy: Scents can be powerful. Just a whiff of a certain smell can bring memories rushing to the forefront of your mind or lower your blood pressure. Spend time with loved ones: Spending time with people you care about can help to ground you in the present, reduce anxiety, and decrease stress. Talking to a loved one can also be a sure-fire way to get some laughs in, which can be mood changing.

Exercise: The ability of exercise to affect mood is well proven. Exercise increases the number of endorphins produced by the body, which not only can not only bring feelings of happiness, but help reduce feelings of pain.

Eat healthy: There are many benefits to eating healthy, including weight control and increased immunity. A balanced diet can also boost one’s energy and improve longevity.

Sleep: Poor sleep is linked to depression, weight gain, increased inflammation, and a suppressed immune system. Many pregnant people experience pregnancy fatigue, which can leave them feeling out of sorts and moody. Addressing this issue and getting adequate sleep can be a game changer.